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Vlog & Podcast Series (Coming Soon!)

This piece of the puzzle in our master plan is currently a work-in-progress at this time... Thanks for your patience while the construction occurs and we hope you'll check back here again soon! 

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Blog (Coming Soon!)

Our View: Current Events & Important Topics 

  1. An analysis of Red Tide. A severe outbreak of Red Tide is wreaking havoc throughout the 941 area and causing great harm to the environment and ecosystems. The Red Tide phenomena is a complex issue and there's still much more to learn. Researchers and scientists have made progress, but are far from any large scale solutions. The funding, support, and political will just hasn't been there in the past to make a real impact.

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What's the important topic you want the world to know more about? What problem/issue/cause are you most passionate and knowledgable about? What are your ideas and solutions to help solve that problem? Let us know! Sharing is Caring and Knowledge is Power!

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Words of Wisdom from 941 Love

Words are powerful and can be used as peaceful weapons in our battle for truth, equality, and justice. Choose your words wisely. Think before you speak. Keep an open mind. You have two ears and one mouth - listen twice as much as you say. Remember to use the "Golden Rule" and be respectful. Try to understand different viewpoints and ideas - that is how we learn new things and grow. Just try to "play nice" and get along with others. We're all human. We're all in this together, are trying to figure things out, and have the same problems, Imagine yourself in someone elses shoes to better relate and understand them/their situation. We all need help. We all need to help each other. "Live a Life of Love!"