Recycling Rewards Program (Coming Soon!)

Localized Incentivized Recycling Program

  • We believe that recycling is one of the easiest actions that individuals can do to make a small, positive impact on the world, on a daily basis.   
  • Unfortunately, for all the avid recyclers out there, there are just as many individuals who don't recycle for a variety of possible reasons.   
  • We are developing a localized system and platform that harnesses the power of small business networking to both reward current recyclers and to incentivize those who don't participate much (or at all).  

Mandatory vs. Voluntary Recycling

The vast majority of 941 geographic area in Florida includes Manatee County and Sarasota County.  

* Manatee County has a Voluntary Recycling Ordinance for their residents and businesses. 

 * Sarasota County has a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance for their residents and businesses.    

There are pros and cons to both policies, and the bottom line is that each of them have their flaws and weaknesses which is hindering the overall recycling participation rate.  

Potential Solutions

Drastically increase the overall efforts of recycling awareness through effective public outreach and education opportunities. From our experience, most people need a little extra push or motivation/incentive to do something that may require a little extra effort now but it worth it in the long run.    

That being said, we are exploring several ideas on how to best implement our ideas to bring our Recycling Rewards Program to fruition.    

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Recyclebank partners with cities and brands to reward residents for helping to make their communities cleaner, greener places. We recommend that you check out what Recyclebank has to offer and create an account to start earning rewards today!

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